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It all started when he was 7 and got a reel-to-reel tape recorder on his birthday. Then, at the age of 11, a hippy band moved into his cold Alaskan basement and while they were making granola, Randy was busy turning the knobs on their gear. At 16 he landed a job spinning discs at the local radio station in Guam. Before he could vote he was shooting video for TV news. Randy has done live concert sound, field audio and live TV mixing but his preference and passion is audio post and commercial voice-over. Here he is hard at work.

He's remarkably well balanced for a guy with 73 completely different voices in his head. Here's what that sounds like.

Randy also has a discerning eye for photography. Here's a small sample of his work.


At 22, with his Bachelor's degree in English he set off with a rock band to play music in Europe and Asia. With dreams of becoming a famous singer/songwriter he moved to LA where he played the bars and lounges on Redondo Beach. Numb, but not defeated he returned to Portland and morphed his music chops into the technical specs of a commercial audio engineer. It was from behind the big console that he first discovered the magical realm of "voice over" and never looked back. Almost 30 years later, he still loves his job … just listen.

Here’s his original voice demo from the '90's.

And after years of trial and error, he’s actually become a decent songwriter. Watch this:

When it Rains:


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